Climate Change, Peak Oil, Chemtrails, Scalar Weapons & Resource Wars

We live on a rapidly altering planet. Climate Change is real and effects us all, but what is it, what is causing it and where will it all end?

This site exists to propagate information and articles about Climate Change, Peak Oil, Weather Modification and Scalar Weapons in an effort to enlighten people to what is really happening in the world; and ways in which we can all prepare for the coming changes being forced upon us by greed, madness and the inability of man to live lightly and sustainably on this earth.

We are witnessing an unprecedented global crisis as Peak Oil, Resource Wars and Climate Change converge to potentially destroy 'western civilisation' as we know it.

We may not have long! That said, no one knows if this will happen in 5 months, 5 years or 5 decades, but the signs don't look good. Maybe if more people are aware of these issues we can collectively do something about them. Or failing that - and it might be too late already - we can at least prepare for the future and promote sustainable locally based solutions.

The articles, images and links on this site are taken from many good sites out there on the web that provide detailed information about these issues and others.... along with some home-grown content and comment on this wild wild world we live in. Just select your subject of interest from the navigation bar to the right.

This little site that seeks to add it's voice to the rising chorus, and awareness of these issues, is produced from beautiful New Zealand, geographically remote but which stands to be just as effected by these things as the rest of the world. You will find more NZ specific views on my Blog page, over time, so stay tuned.

Lately my research and focus has been on the long-term plan of the monied elite and what we might expect in the next few years as the 'end-game' of their global domination plays out. Expect to see a lot more about this within these pages over the next few months.

I intend to post to and update this site regularly as a gateway to a world wide web of important information on these critical subjects, so watch this space!

May you live in interesting times!

Indeed we do! and many things continue to unfold. Most recently more global earthquakes, the continuing war in Iraq and Afghanistan that threatens to spill over into Iran and Syria... Resource Wars, Earth Changes, Climate Change! I have been studying prophecies lately especially those of the Hopi and other Southwestern Native American tribes and hope to bring a new section to the site soon.

Tom Raven
October 2005/April 2006/October 2007/January 2008

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