02 October 2005
From The Edge of the World
For those of you who haven't guessed, I'm in New Zealand - on the edge of the world - a beautiful country of only 4.5 million souls in the sparkling South Pacific. But we are not immune here to the changes in our world.

Peak Oil and soaring oil prices will certainly have an impact on our booming economy with the country very dependent on exports of foodstuffs and forestry to the US, Japan and Europe. Also, as elsewhere, our agriculture is very advanced and oil based with it's machinery and fertilisers.

Remoteness has it's benefits but also it's drawbacks.

We don't have Chemtrails here, but then we are The Land Of The Long White Cloud, so maybe we don't need them. Although being so close to the Ozone Hole you would think that if Chemtrails were an attempt to slow global warming then it would be being done here too.

Well at first I did not think we had Chemtrails here in New Zealand but it appears I was wrong. Just because I live near the International Airport and had not seen any I presumed we were free of this particular phenomenon. However a quick google of NZ sites revealed a different story... check out http://www.mysteriousnewzealand.co.nz/photogallery/index.php?cat=9 for some great photos of Chemtrails in NZ.

We are more prone to erratic weather and earth changes like earthquakes, volcanos and tsunami. The weather has certainly been weird of late. An early spell of hot dry weather (in our Spring) followed by a cold snap, snow and loads of rain and high winds. We also suffer from El Nino and it's attendant droughts in some parts and heavy rain and floods in others.

Geographically we are a microcosm of the world... just imagine fitting North America into a country the size of the UK and you get the picture. Lots of microclimates and varied ecosystems, highly tuned to changes in what is essentially a temperate maritime climate.

Probably better of than many in that we have lots of Geothermal and Hydro energy and the capability to develop petrol alternatives like Biofuels. We also have a sizable 'Green' presence in our Government thanks to MMP.

But economically we are small and beholden to our larger nieghbour, Australia. The NZ economy gets blown around like a feather in the wind of global financial and economic activity... fragile but currently doing very well thanks.

So I guess this place is a safer place to be than many countries, but rest assured if all this happens the way it looks to be happening, no one will be secure. That said I'm glad I'm not living in New York, Tokyo or London.

Aotearoa/New Zealand may well be small enough and remote enough and have such a strong pioneering sprit that it will be easier to survive the coming changes and start to rebuild than it will be elsewhere.

Who knows? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...
Police States
On 13/08/2005, at 12:30 PM, Micheal Ruppert wrote: (full article below)
The third thing is that as a result of London there has been a much more dramatic restriction of civil liberties and freedom of movement in both Britain and the US and Australia, and Italy and… We have swallowed it without a whimper, not even a serious “Hey, can we think about this?” Public transportation is now thoroughly regulated and subject to fascist abuse and control. You heard me.  

I just got back from two weeks in the UK, I spent a lot of that time travelling on Public Transport around the South East. Every station had armed police patroling with sub machine guns and dogs. Even Reading, Guildford, Hastings, Portsmouth and small stations on the southern lines around there. Gatwick and Heathrow were full of armed Police! In England? That bastion of the unarmed cop....

I travelled via S. Korea and Singapore and had 7 hours to kill in each so went on tours of Seoul and Singapore... no sign of armed police or troops there... interesting, that.

So back to peaceful quite NZ I thought. But no it's the same here, armed police at Auckland Airport in their black SWAT outfits. An Election coming up in one month and politicians making hay over the London Bombings, Islam and Muslims. Mosques being attacked and vandalised, Muslims scared to be out on our normally peaceful streets and getting sent letters containing pieces of Pork and messages to 'get out and go home'.

Used to be kind of funny when major crime events happened here, backcountry cops looking out of their depth... cops letting dope smoking Maoris and pacific island home boys off with a smile and a 'she'll be right, mate' attitude. Now when even a minor event happens streets get cordoned off and our screens are filled with images of the menacing looking 'Armed Offenders Squad' in their all black and helmeted, armed to the teeth outfits.

Maybe the whole western world is preparing for Martial Law, either as a response to some manufactured 'Terrorist Attack' or the coming Peak Oil Crisis. Who knows... I sure don't. Hard to see anything in the Fog of War and amidst the Propaganda.

We here in NZ are getting a lot of Peak Oil stories on the TV and in the press at the moment and petrol has just gone up 20c in the last month alone.... now $1.50 and still a lot cheaper than in the UK. It's getting people talking and generating interesting and informative stories about increased grocery prices and food miles and the like... which is a good sign.

I'm not sure Michael Ruppert is right when he says the US won't attack Iran or that the other nations would not allow it... the NeoCons are insane and the other world leaders certainly seem to be acting in unison and with a great deal of co-ordination across national boundaries.

Oh how I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at Gleneagles

Cheers, Tom

"The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear" Antonio Gramsci, Prison Notebooks
My First Blog
Well heres my first Blog! I have been interested in all this stuff you see here on my site for some time now but I have only recently become inspired to share this info and attempt to provide a gateway of sorts to the vast amount of sometimes conflicting information available on the web. The catalysts for this site have been the ever increasing global events and my discovery of the high likelihood that weather modification weapons are real and in use out there. Hurricane Katrina, the War in Iraq and against 'terror', 9/11, the London and Bali bombings, stories of Climate Change and impending disaster have all played a part. But also personal visions and dreams...
Instead of seeing all these stories and events as seperate things - as the mass media would have us do - I am attempting to put them together, to start to see a 'big picture' and make some sense out of these unfolding events. I trust the contents set you of on your own journey into the meaning behind these events and the 'interesting times' we live in.