09 April 2006
Back Online
Well it's been a while since I updated this site but will now be doing so regularly I hope. At least as long as I am able to and we have the comms and oil powered infrastructure to do so....

Below is a powerful briefing from Ken Welsh who sums up what a lot of people including myself beleive is going down at the moment.

We don't have long so get prepared now. I have been busy relocating to what I consider a safer part of the planet and getting myself as self sufficient as possible while we watch it all unfold...




by Ken and Strider

Did you ever wonder how many Germans told themselves it can't happen

We realize that this look into the reality behind the disney-like drama
you see on TV every day is pretty frightening. There is just no way to
sugarcoat it, and in this briefing not much room for long explanations.
You are getting the best we have - straight, concentrated information
that we hope will be useful. Sorry if it is scary. It scares us too.

You need about five paragraphs of history, though, just to understand
our starting point.

The recorded history of planet earth shows that until very recently
there has been only one political system in effect 99.5% of the time.
That system is slavery. The most common form of slavery is called
Feudalism. This involves the armed conquest of some piece of land by a
band of killers and thieves, who then pronounce themselves "royal" and,
for some period of time thereafter they own the land and everyone on it.
Their "subjects" must pay taxes for the privilege of living there, and
many economic forms are monopolized by the crown. England is still a
feudal kingdom, although the power is somewhat disguised. China is a
feudal country, ruled by guns and slogans.

Feudalism normally allies itself with the dominant religion in the
region. These two power centers then support each other. In the west,
the Church endorsed the "divine right of kings", which essentially says
that God appoints the kings, and everyone else should keep quiet and pay
their taxes. The Feudal and Church powers were eventually joined by a
third power center commonly referred to as the Money power. This began
with the Rothschild family in Germany, which discovered that the more
money you have, the more you can influence and eventually control kings,
nations, and so on. The Money power has grown over time, and has been
the invisible force behind global events for the last two centuries at
least. The goal of each power is to eliminate the other two power
centers and own the entire planet. In this contest the Money power
always wins.

The greatest threat to the plans of the three Powers was the American
revolution, which introduced the idea that a government could and should
be merely the contract employee of the people themselves, restricted by
law in what it could do, and not the other way around. When the
revolution was exported to France, bankers and royals alike faced the
Guillotine in what can only be described as a nationwide bloodbath. At
that time, the Money power and the Feudal power formed a new alliance
dedicated to a single goal: the complete and total destruction of the
United States, no matter how long it took. The bad news is that this
was pretty much completed some time ago.

The primary tool is a psychological weapon called Socialism, which is
perhaps the world's only communicable mental disease, since it
deliberately breeds sociopathic personalities, ie. people who have no
sense of right and wrong. Socialism replaces the divine right of kings
by replacing an invisible creator, God, with an imaginary person,
Society. Everything is to be for the good of the imaginary person. The
advantage is that anyone can announce that their plan is for the good of
society and no one can prove him wrong. There is no such person - only
individuals with their own goals and desires. Socialism, a German
creation, comes in two flavors, Fascism and Communism. Most Americans
today measure themselves on the left-right scale of political
orientation, which says whether a person is more fascist than communist,
or more communist than fascist. Consequently, they are easy marks for
anyone with a good line, and the political thought that created America,
now called libertarianism, is essentially gone forever.

The Money power works today primarily through the great multinational
corporations, simply because "they" own most of the stock or they
recruited the corporate officers while they were in college. So while
some see the multinationals as a fourth power center, it is only because
you cannot see the strings.

For the last twenty years at least, the true situation in the United
States has been very much like what you might find at the corporate
headquarters of a company that his been the victim of a hostile takeover
by a larger rival. Assets are being stripped away, all available cash
has been looted, and a corporate takeover team now occupies the upper
floors of the building. Their job is pick the carcase clean, lie to the
employees about how long their jobs will last, and when the victim is
sucked dry they will see if the cadaver can be converted to some other
use. The Bush-Clinton-Bush team are the clean-up detail. The new role
for the United States is to be the military arm of the Money power as it
seeks to enslave the entire planet.

This will be accomplished via global nuclear terrorism, beginning with a
nuclear strike on Iran currently scheduled, we believe, for June 10th,
based on reversals (we need more, from different people, to be sure).

Thus, the nuclear response to the bomb in Texas City may not be
immediate as we initially supposed. There would first be a period in
which it will be "discovered" that the finger points to Iran. News
media will then have at least a month to whip the population into such a
state of rage that no one will bat an eye at nuking Iran, whose only
crime at the moment is resistance to the creeping invasion of
multinationals. All other nations will then be on notice: play ball or
get nuked by the Americans. We are a little short on troops but there
are plenty of warheads to go around. If the response is immediate, then
we are still left with the June 10 date, but would have to do a lot more
fishing to know its significance

The United States itself is to become the Phoenix, a code word for the
rebirth of the Money power's finest creation. It won't be called the
Fourth Reich, but you can already hear the jackboots in the streets.
All the trappings are there, all the slogans, all the necessary
perversions of law, the corruption of congress and the statehouses,
total disregard for human rights, even the rubber-stamp courts. Bush
calls it the Patriot Act. In Germany they called it the Enabling Act.

Martial law is coming, but we don't believe it will arrive before
August. However, a number of conspirator reversals from congressional
appearances echoed variations on the phrase, "the end of this." This was
usually in connection to the nuke and seemed to refer to eliminating any
need to appear before congressional committees in the future. However
it could also mean that the nuke is simply the beginning of the game
plan designed to be the final end of the U.S. and the rise of the new

Against this background we give our first and most important piece of
advice. If there is any way at all that you can leave the United States
and take up residence elsewhere, do it now. If you can't do it now, do
it tomorrow.

Remember, once it all goes down, restrictions on travel will become iron
clad. Today, anyone speaking out against the administration is being
placed on the "no fly list". No one wants angry Americans running loose
in the world. Once the borders close, those on the no fly list can be
rounded up at leisure, and made to regret their words. If you cannot
picture what is happening and about to happen, visit your local video
rental store and start picking up movies that depict life in Germany
just prior to and after the Nazi takeover. The correspondence between
that place and time, and now, is absolutely awesome. You can virtually
predict what you are going to see on TV from one week to the next.

So we repeat our advice. Get out, get out, get out, get out.

Unfortunately this IS the endgame of a very long campaign, and at this
time the killing stroke for the U.S. is scheduled to begin in August.
It could be moved back of course, but that is the current indication.
This event is the release of a hopped up version of 1918 Spanish
Influenza. Don't believe for a moment that there's no vaccine. However
you would have to be connected to the White House or very important to a
top multinational to get it.

This is a project we have been following for seven years. The global
pandemic will solve a number of problems. In the U.S. and Europe its
purpose is to kill off the baby boomers before they can bankrupt the
various programs that were supposedly going to pay for their retirement
and medical needs.

Millions of dollars have been spent to persuade the world that this will
be a natural event. Everyone is waiting for the next chicken or goose
to die, which is funny as hell if you know the truth... and can hold
back the tears. If this were a normal progression of events it could be
years before anything significant might come from the magical bird flu,
if ever. Unfortunately, our information is that the real thing, a
replica of the 1918 virus is scheduled for release in August. And our
non-RS research indicates that almost everything Americans are being
told about how to survive the pandemic is false.

While we hope our story may stop the nuke, billions of dollars have been
spent to set up the pandemic. It will come regardless. We suggest you
learn everything you can about S.A.R.S. and the ways that medical staffs
were instructed to avoid infection. Sars was not particularly
contagious until after other signs, such as fever, appeared. 1918
Spanish Influenza is contagious before symptoms appear, and will spread
like wildfire. Once infected there are a number of non-pharmaceutical
remedies that could save your life. We will try to publish what we've
learned about this, if we haven't been disappeared for the nuke story.
A major effort in Europe to shut down all health food and supplement
stores prior to the pandemic failed at the last minute. Things were
touch and go in the U.S. as well.

We expect the United States to lose one person in ten as a minimum. We
are talking here about a disease that was characterized by the phrase,
"Healthy in the morning, dead by nightfall." The country will be in
absolute chaos for at least 90 days if not more, while the propaganda
mills will be urging everyone to remain at work, and use a tissue when
they cough.

We also believe your chances of effective medical treatment will be much
better outside the U.S. or Europe, where we expect people to be more
resistant to the disease, and where health care providers are not afraid
to use non-pharmaceutical remedies, nor be hampered by emergency triage
rules that will forbid treatment to anyone over fifty. You will not be
allowed to leave the country once the pandemic begins.

Both the U.S. and Europe have bent over backwards to pull in a
replacement population in advance; people who will work hard, be willing
tax payers instead of tax consumers, and have plenty of kids. In Europe
they are Muslims from all over the Middle East and beyond. In the U.S.
they are predominantly Mexicans. Just think of it as outsourcing
Grandma and Grandpa because they have ceased to be socially useful.

A big clue that the climax is imminent is the well orchestrated
appearance of news stories, finally allowed in print after all these
years, indicating that we've had enough and the borders must be closed.
This will accelerate rapidly and you will be surprised at how fast Uncle
Sam can close the borders now that they have enough warm bodies to
replace the baby boomers.

The pandemic, which is currently slated as we said for August, although
the virus might be released in Pakistan and take a few weeks to get
here, will be the trigger for Martial Law - the people will be begging
for it - and that is pretty much the end of the United States as we know
it. Once Martial Law begins there is no requirement for it to end.
Doesn't mean you can't survive in the new Reich, but you may have to
learn new skills.

That's it for now. We hope you feel you got something important from
all this. If nothing else, you should be impressed with just how FAST
it's all going to happen, and the fact that whatever you plan to do, you
need to do it right now.

Good luck, and may God bless you and yours.